Monday, September 17, 2012

Carromero trial date set: Oct. 5

Prensa Latina reports that Spanish political activist Angel Carromero, who was driving the car in which dissidents Oswaldo Paya and Harold Cepero died July 22, will be tried October 5 in Bayamo on charges related to the accident.

And the Washington Post’s Jackson Diehl reports in his column today that he was visited by Rene Iglesias, a former associate of Paya.  Iglesias, making rounds in Washington, roughly repeated the story he told Radio Marti last month about text messages that went from Cuba to Sweden the day of the accident, saying that the car Carromero was driving had been forced off the road.  He also gave an account that is similar, but not in all details, to that of Paya’s daughter regarding information the family says it gathered from the hospital in Bayamo the day of the accident.   

Iglesias has not seen the texts; he heard about them from a Spaniard who heard about them from a Swede.  On Radio Marti, Iglesias complained about the “hiding of the truth” by those who won’t divulge the texts.

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Anonymous said...

The reforms are not stalling. What the government had in mind simply cannot be carried out.

You cannot square a circle nor carry out free market reforms that will allow economic growth and allow the nomenklatura to successfully compete and transform itself into a neobourgousie.

It is like holding a track meet to select the countrie's olympic competitors and expecting seventy and eighty year olds to win the events and make the team.

Being a successful sycophant does not make you an efficient businessman,

The reforms cannot continue because if they were real and real competition was allowed the nomenklatura would lose power in Cuba.

So cub must have fake reforms and make believe competition to try to convince the Cuban population and the world that today's rulers will be tomorrow's successful businessmen and there is no corruption involved.

But since this is impossible since you cannot have your pie and eat it at the same time nor have inept people running the economy and efficiency the reforms have to grind to a halt because the twin objectives are impossible to reach.

However, those running the country are full of wishful thinking and still have not discovered this and are trying to find an unexisting solution.

For the umpteenth time they are like Don Quijote tilting with windmills and unable to discover the sheer lunacy and impossibility of trying to pursue oxymoronic goals simultaneously.

Cuba simply cannot prosper economically with its existing ruling class and the ruling class refuses to recognize is own ineptitude and to resign.

But then again, that is not surprising. No ruling class in history has committed suicide. They all had to be thrown out of power by the disaffected population.

But this process unfortunately takes time, lots of time and many of us will not live to see it.