Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Odds and ends

·         El Tiempo: Colombian President Santos will speak about the talks with FARC rebels aimed at ending that country’s five-decade-old conflicto.  One hour later, the FARC will hold a press conference in Havana, AP reports.

·         FT: In London, an ambitious plan to restore and expand the ballet school at the Escuela Nacional de Arte in western Havana.

·         Washington Post: In North Korea, they are allowing farmers to sell their surplus on the open market.  Imagine that.

·         AP: New customs duties are now in effect and some travelers are getting clobbered.  An earlier AP look ahead on the possible impact on entrepreneurs here.

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Antonio said...

One of the main reasons why the ballet and drama schools were never completed is because the revolution decried the "Bourgeois tendencies" of the people involved the project. It was part of a cultural crackdown that lasted until the mid 1970s, a sad period that the revolution still offers occasional half-hearted apologies.