Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The inimitable politics of Miami-Dade

The apparent scheme whereby Rep. David Rivera and associates helped an unknown candidate in the Democratic primary came to light in part because some of those involved – including direct mail vendors who were paid with envelopes of cash – spoke on the record. 

Now, with an FBI probe under way, some information on the investigation itself is getting to the Miami Herald.  This story affirms that the FBI has in its hands four envelopes in which cash payments were allegedly delivered to a direct mail outfit.  The cash paid for mailings for the campaign of the no-name Democrat, Justin Lamar Sternad, who mainly attacked candidate Joe Garcia, who is now the nominee.  It also reports that invoices for those mailings were originally directed to Rivera. 

And there’s this very colorful profile of the key figure, Republican political consultant and Rivera friend Ana Alliegro, who apparently helped Sternad.  Alliegro has gone incommunicado since failing to appear for a September 6 FBI interview that her attorney had arranged in lieu of a grand jury appearance.  Her grandfather was President of the Senate in Cuba during the Batista era, but the rest is much more colorful.

For some time, Mitt Romney and national Republicans have been keeping their distance from Rivera.  Senator Rubio has not addressed the allegations about Rivera but stands by him as a loyal friend.  And for now, Granma has steered clear of the story, but that can’t last forever.

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