Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A lukewarm endorsement

Today Granma published an interview with Fidel Castro that was done after he voted last Sunday.  It was “revised and updated by the interviewee” before publication.  An excerpt where he was questioned by a Telesur reporter:

Fabiola Lopez:  Comandante, what do you think of the changes that are taking place now in Cuba?

Fidel Castro:  You say the changes, but the big change was the Revolution.  What changes are you referring to?

FL:  I mean the changes that are taking place now with the lineamientos and everything happening to update socialism.

FC:  Well, in general I believe it is a duty to update it and improve it, but this is a stage where it is indispensable to proceed with lots of caution, we should not make mistakes.  We are moving from a unique and very complex time in history, life has to have taught us things during these 50 years.  The country that has done the most to come close to a deep revolution, in the neighborhood of the empire, is Cuba.  Not everything has turned out perfectly, but it is an unavoidable obligation to perfect and improve upon what we have done.

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