Thursday, February 7, 2013

"For some reason they ignore me"

Picking up on an old theme, Lech Walesa told TV Marti that Cuba’s dissidents suffer from having too many chiefs and too few Indians. 

“In Cuba there are too many leaders in the opposition and there are not individuals of sufficient strength, so I believe that the Cuban tragedy lies in the fact that there are too many leaders,” he said. 

Also: “I have been in continuous contact with the Cuban opposition, I have tried to give advice, but for some reason they ignore me, and I believe that Cuba should adopt other means of struggle against the regime and seek positive solutions.  I believe that all Cubans should visualize how the country would be under a different government, how they could earn more money and have better jobs and better businesses in a country with a transformed regime.”  Part of this visualizing should involve “being ready, to the point where specific individuals should be designated for specific posts” in a new government, he said.

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