Friday, February 8, 2013

Odds and ends

  • Granma publishes the list of those elected to the National Assembly that will be seated February 24.

  • From the Latin America Working Group, a petition urging President Obama to end Cuba’s designation as a “state sponsor of terrorism.”

  • Reuters on the possibility that the Cuban Adjustment Act might be debated and revised as Congress considers immigration reform.

  • Cuba Standard: Attorney Jose Palli on the “Unbearable lightness of Cubanology.”  “Rather than focusing on helping the Cuban people to widen what most of them see as a window of opportunity by freely and fully interacting with them,” he writes, “we foolishly and conceitedly argue against any such interaction…We do not even ask ourselves if the collapse we wish upon them is what the Cuban people want to have to live through: We rather act as if they have earned and deserve it.”  While we’re on the topic, there’s this from Professor Jaime Suchlicki.

  • The Herald’s Mimi Whitefield profiles Vivian Mannerud, ABC Charters president whose office was firebombed last April in an apparent act of domestic terrorism.

  • From Metronews (Toronto), an awful story about a Canadian who fell in love with a Cuban, married him, sponsored him for a visa and brought him to Canada, only to have him rob her and take off como Matias Perez within days of his arrival.  When she reported it to authorities, they responded that her case is “one in 10,000.”  In the article’s comments, a civic-minded Cuban living in West Palm Beach says that anyone thinking of such a marriage should “think it 10 times before doing it or call me,” and he provides his phone number. 

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