Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Odds and ends

  • Ted Henken on the Internet, public debate in Cuba, and the spat between Rafael Hernandez and Yoani Sanchez.

  • Hollywood’s The Wrap reports that Sean Penn’s trip to Cuba was less than billed.

  • The Cuban magazine La Jiribilla panned Juanita Castro’s book, big time – “in bad taste and of low morality” – but the review seems to have disappeared from the magazine’s site. But Penultimos Dias links to a copy still in the Google cache. EFE story in English here.


Pingon said...

Someone needs to slap these leftist-Hollywood stars and tell them to stay in the kitchen of their film sets. Fidel already has enough shoe-buffers, and fluffers for that matter.

leftside said...

Yeah, no left-wing Hollywood stars should be let out of the country! Better yet, they should told to never be able to open their mouth about anything that matters!

Anonymous said...

Years ago someone said, "I want to hear Paula Abdul's views on the environment about as much as I want to hear Barry Commoner sing a few bars of Forever Your Girl..."