Thursday, November 19, 2009

Presidential questionnaire (Updated)

Yoani Sanchez publishes seven questions (English here) for the presidents of Cuba and the United States, says she has answers from President Obama, and will publish them today. So let’s stay tuned. In an earlier post she takes aim at the United States’ “clumsy and anachronistic” sanctions against Cuba.

Update: President Obama’s answers here.


Anonymous said...

hey yoani, wheres the evidence of the beatings? the more i hear about this the more i think she's just a pathological liar and attention seeker. who gives a shit what she thinks anymore.and where's all the gusanos who were so anguished at her plight, where are they now to denounce her fantasies.

brianmack said...

First of all, I appreciate how the first Anonymous poster was allowed
to publish his/her comment. It's another example of "free speech" at its best.
Now regarding Yoani and her questionnaire, it's simply brilliant!
She has elevated herself above the fray and makes it more difficult to
incarcerate this incredible person.
I have been privileged to have been
in correspondence (electronically) with Ms. Sanchez and I recommend that if interested, shoot her and email. she's very gracious and accommodating.

leftside said...

I can report that a couple of my postings on Yoani's blog have been blocked (several have also gone through).

"Obama's" answers are now posted. "He" refuses to renounce the use of military force, as Yoani asked, only saying there is "no intention" to use force. What a lost opportunity to assure the Cuban people the US has no aggressive intentions. Despite his campaign pledge, "he" again refuses to consider Raul Castro's offer of unconditional dialogue until the Cuban Government takes some unspecified actions.

Anonymous said...

Leftside, you are a dogmatic comem ierda.

Anonymous said...

There is a comment worth reading by a commentator that addresses the President's response to question #6 on telecommunications and other high-tech links between the U.S. and Cuba.

Check it out.

Anonymous said...

as we wait still for proof. yoani does not translate to credibility

but obama does mean blah blah blah, no surprise, as american policy doesn't matter what president is in power, the position has always been the same, hurt the cuban people and try to convince anyone, well just the gusanos, that it's aimed at the government. and santa will be coming soon.

it seems congress has more sense. lets hope