Friday, March 8, 2013

400,000 entrepreneurs

Prensa Latina reports that there are now 400,000 Cubans working in the small entrepreneurial sector.  And the government, Reuters reports, is taking a positive step by finally creating stores where entrepreneurs can buy supplies at wholesale prices.  That will give entrepreneurs some flexibility to lower prices and an ability to hire more workers or otherwise invest in their businesses.  It could also reduce incentives for pilferage from state supplies.  AP reports that in addition to selling supplies and equipment, the new enterprise will offer storage and refrigerated storage service.

Some piecemeal efforts along these lines began in 2011; hopefully this is the real deal.

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Anonymous said...

It would be a good occasion to simultaneously solve:

1- the US need to:

a= Reduce its balance of payments deficit.
b- To increase its exports.
c- Increase employment
d- Increase the rate of growth of its economy.

2- With Cuba's need to:

a- Create wholesale networks for: i- inputs for the agricultural, artisan and agricultural sectors of the economy.
ii- The efficient collection of foodstuffs produced in rural areas and their transportation to the urban retail commercialization network.
iii- Grow the private sector to absorb the excess supply of labor in the public sector.
iv- Promote the investments and participation of Cuban Americans in its economy.

The obvious steps for the US to take would to clear up all existing obstacles to the betterment of relations by:

1- Accepting a pragmatic 5X5 swap for the Alan Gross five spies controversy.
2- Ending the Cuban Adjustment Act and placing immigration between both countries on a normal footing.
3- Taking Cuba off the list of countries that promote terrorism.
4- Ending all restrictions to US exports to the island payed for in cash.
5 Eliminating all restrictions on plane and ship travel to the island.
6- Allowing limited commercial banking services in the island that would facilitate allowing direct payment of US exports from the island and providing normal ATM services to US citizens and residents legally allowed to visit the island.
7- Permitting Cuban American investment in private businesses in the island that are allowed to freely hire and pay their own employees and to buy and sell their goods and services at free market prices.