Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Feds targeting former Rep. Rivera

The legal problems of defeated Miami Rep. David Rivera are mounting as federal prosecutors have charged the sham Democratic primary candidate Justin Lamar Sternad with violations of campaign finance laws and conspiracy. 

“Conspiracy” is the key word; co-conspirators have not yet been named, but all signs point to Rivera. 

Sternad, a political nobody, ran a campaign that attempted to weaken fellow Democratic candidate Joe Garcia, who went on to win the nomination and defeat Rivera.  Sternad’s campaign featured numerous targeted mailings against Garcia and reported few contributions.  Campaign vendors told local media on the record that they received cash payments that came from Rivera, whose passion for democracy in Cuba seems matched only by his contempt for our own.

The Herald reports that Sternad will plead guilty tomorrow; more here and here.

The prosecutors’ press release is here and the criminal information filed in court is here (pdf), containing details of the finance violations.

My previous notes on this case here and here.

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Anonymous said...

there is no contradiction in rivera's attitude towards democracy in american or cuba. his style of 'democracy' ruled cuba for 60 years, and its that style that he and the other hard right wants to reinstall. and so what is the wonder that cuba and its people have rejected that forumla. and when did multi-party constructs become the only measure of democracy?