Friday, March 1, 2013

Paya's daughter's accusation

The daughter of Oswaldo Paya, Rosa Maria Paya who is now in Spain, told a press conference that her father’s death last July was a “probable murder.”  She bases that on a conversation she had two weeks ago in Madrid with Partido Popular activist Angel Carromero, who was driving the car that had the accident near Bayamo.  She also relied on “communications” her family had with Swedish activist Aron Modig, who was in the passenger seat.  Carromero, she says, is the “only survivor with complete memory of what occurred.”  None of the survivors, she says, has any memory of the car crashing against a tree.

With her statement, she released what she says are two images of text messages from Modig’s phone to unnamed recipients on the day of the accident, written in Spanish and Swedish.  One message apparently says that a car tried to drive Paya’s car from the road. 

Carromero and Modig remain silent.  Ms. Paya says that she hopes Carromero will speak out but now feels “pressured” not to do so.

Herald story here.  If you want to sample a full range of opinions on all this, read the comments following this article in Diario de Cuba.  All my previous posts here.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Peters,

We are back to square one.

Angel Carromero is the only first hand witness that was conscious when the accident occurred and until he speaks out we have to accept the official version of events that Carromero was driving too fast and lost control of teh vehicle on a bad stretch of the highway.

However, Paya's daughter's explanation does seem to give a plausible explanation about why Carromero was driving at top speed.

If he was being shadowed by State Security, it might have made sense to drive at top speed to attempt to leave his pursuers behind.

But again until Carromero speaks out and gives his version about what really happened, all this is unsupported third party speculation.

I really wonder what lies behind Carromero's silence.

Why doen't the guy just speak out and say the truth about what really happened to put the whole issue to rest and either support or deny Ms Paya's allegations?

The whole episode reminds me of the grandfather in Felix B. Caigñet radio novel who could not speak because he suffered from apoplexy.

This character kept all of Cuba on an edge for months at a time waiting for to blurt out the secret that only he knew, that the Doctor that attended was the illegitimate grandson he had sent away after his daughter gave birth.

Carromero is creating a similar situation in real life.

Which validates the tenets of the magical realism school of Latin American literature.

Real life is more magical than fiction!

But this has been dragging on for some time and is becoming tiresome.

Carromero for the love of whatever you cherish please speak out and tell us what you know about the traffic accident!


Anonymous said...

really, after all this time we're suppose to believe these images of text messages are plausible. a tragic car accident continues to be used for political purposes. a real shame. oh, and maybe why carromero has remained he has nothing to say.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree that both Carromero and Modig need to speak out, if this mystery/crime is to be affirmed or dismissed. However, the continuing silence of these two men, even after they have returned back to their countries, serves as evidence that in fact something nefarious did occur and nothing short of their testimony to the contrary can set the questions to rest. These alleged tactics have already been employed too many times in the past. Their silence in Spain and Sweden screams out that "high politics" is forcing these men to remain quiet.

Anonymous said...

But there is a huge difference between being shadowed and being hit from behind. Just think for a moment about these situations when it comes to courting! That the car was being shadowed is completely trivial. "Yes, we are watching you closely, so what?" Now, if those in the car driven by Carromero wanted to play the James Bond game: there you have. It is certainly a sad situation, but keep the political game is silly and could turn into a criminal stuff.