Monday, May 14, 2007

EU stalemate

A report from the EU Observer in Brussels describes a stalemate in the EU between Spain and like-minded countries that believe that “engagement will help ensure peaceful succession of power after Fidel Castro dies and open room for human rights discussions,” and others spearheaded by the Czech Republic, which believe that the way to stand up for human rights is through a set of unspecified “operational ideas.” A Czech-sponsored initiative has been shelved, making it likely that EU policy will not change.

The organization People in Need, based in Prague but sounding as if it is based in Miami, is cited attacking Spain for being interested in protecting its business interests as opposed to caring about the Cuban people.

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leftside said...

Yeah, I love how the line about business interests is always trotted out. It's how you know you are dealing with a US funded program.

The more left the government, the more they bend for the corporations, in their bizarro world. Nevermind also, that the Spanish seemed to have made some progress in human rights.