Monday, May 7, 2007

OAS chief: Try Posada in Venezuela

OAS secretary general Jose Miguel Insulza is completely unafflicted by diplomatic caution of the OAS variety when it comes to talking about Cuba.

In the past he has talked about promoting contacts with Cuba. Then last Thursday he told AFP that Luis Posada Carriles should be tried in Venezuela for the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner in Barbados. He could receive an “absolutely impartial” trial there, Insulza said.

Posada “commited a very grave act of terrorism and we are working well in the Americas in the fight against terrorism, and there can be no excuse not to bring such a person to justice,” he added.

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leftside said...

I am surprised you did not comment on the recent motion by the Posada legal team where they confirmed that he had been a CIA agent for 25 years (61-86), not 14 like the CIA had always said.

This means Posada was working for you and I when the Cubana plane was bombed in 1976, when he was involved in the illegal war against Nicaragua and when he was chief of DISIP - Venezuelan intellegence.

It confirms, beyond the other ample evidence, what Cuba has always said about the CIA's work in Latin America.