Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Polos Opuestos -- Indispuesto? (Updated -- muy dispuesto)

Rumors – nothing more than rumors – in Miami have it that Maria Elvira Salazar’s debate program Polos Opuestos on the local MegaTV channel is mulling what to do with the program it taped last Friday with Frank Calzon and Joe Garcia, where the debate overheated a bit. And that there are serious pressures to spike the program.

The first thing to say is that this has nothing to do with censorship.

Salazar and MegaTV are free to tape programs and throw them away, and it ain’t nobody’s business if they do.

But if this major Miami media institution spikes a program that happens to run against the grain of one established point of view, and at the same time pretends to run a standard debate program – one that hammers nightly on the one-party, one-ideology, one-linea defects of Cuba – then it can’t be surprised if the rest of the country looks on with irony.

Prove us wrong, Maria Elvira. Run the tape.

(Update: Rui Ferreira is reporting that the program runs tonight, 8pm on Miami's MegaTV.)

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