Friday, May 25, 2007

Odds and ends

  • In Mexico, EFE reports on a meeting of U.S. and Cuban hurricane experts.

  • At Florida International University, the Sun Sentinel reports on a satellite-photo database of properties in Cuba, with a mechanism for registration of claims for future settlement.

  • Cuba’s food buyers may make commitments to import $100-$150 million in U.S. agricultural products at a meeting that begins next week in Havana, AP reports. A North Dakota delegation is already there, an Alabama group arrives today.

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Anonymous said...

The FIU site, and the fact that exiles are clamoring to reclaim propoerties totally HURTS the cause. Its shows again, why I constantly emphasize to my cuban-american friends (most of which who have NEVER been to cuba or 30 years ago) that:

Cubans en la isla are 10 X more scared of Miami Cubans than the beard.

I am not agree with the aforementioned statement, just stating a fact that anyone can confirm after talking with ordinary Cubans en la isla for 1 day.

thanks for this post! great!