Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Odds and ends

  • Reuters on Cuban agriculture: while a policy review continues, prices paid to Cuban beef and milk producers have tripled – not a bad starting point. In El Pais, a description of the discussions now taking place within party structures.

  • At Uncommon Sense, a look at Fred Thompson’s “dodge” of the question about his own remark about Cuban migrants posing a potential security threat.

  • From the St. Petersburg Times, a report on recent voter registration trends in Miami-Dade; GOP retains a registration advantage but less so than ten years ago, and signs that new Latino voters are opting for no party affiliation.

  • It would be “an error to stick to formulas of the past” – student federation leader Carlos Lage Cordoniu (son of the vice president) in an interview with EFE last week.


Juan Cuellar said...

To use Sergio Bendixen polls as objective is a laughable matter. He was, is and will be an operative of the Democratic party. He is now the oficial "stragetist" for Senator. Hillary Rodman Clinton campaign. Read for articles in:

Sergio Bendixen: Un operativo del Partido Democrata. Parte IV

Juan Cuellar said...


Read 4 (not for) articles that I wrote about Sergio Bendixen. There is one more that I have not publish yet. Waiting for the right moment.

Sergio Bendixen: Un operativo del Partido Democrata. Parte IV

leftside said...

Thanks for the El Pais piece. Sounds like an exciting time to be listening in on local PCC and CDR meetings. Despite the apparent frankness in discussions in Cuba, the right in Miami and Washington will never accept the legitimacy of gradual, well-planned reforms aimed at reinforcing the socialist system. Only US citizens can force its politicians to enter dialog with Cuba at this precious moment - to stop subversion attempts in exchange for political opening.

Fantomas said...

los cubanos lo que queremos es que no quede ni un solo comunista en ninguna posicion de poder en Cuba y esto lo haremos gradualmente

Si luego quieren tener un partido comunista compitiendo en unas elecciones que bienvenido sea

el pueblo debe votar sin miedo

Juan Cuellar said...

A Polonia le tomo 18 an~os y vean lo que le hicieron a los mellizos los del borron y cuenta nueva; borron para los comunistas pero a los fascistas y los nazis que va. Ahi el crujir de dientes y perseguirlos donde esten y como esten y a Israel para la horca. Veremos en los proximos meses si los mellizos le dan el golpe fulminante a los comunistas. genocidas.