Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Odds and ends

  • Three Democrats and three Republicans call on the Administration to lift travel restrictions. Their letter is here (pdf).

  • Via Los Miquis de Miami, somewhere to go if the Interior Ministry Museum in Miramar is passé.


Anonymous said...

what version of the travel letter is that, the 89th? Your scrapbook must be overfilled by now...

Anonymous said...

Maybe now I can visit my sick mother-in-law. OR visit my wife's primos for their birthday. Oh wait, according to the Miami hawks (mafia) those would be considered terrorist activities.

I respect greatly those Congresspersons. Many are doing this out of moral conviction - Flake does not have many cubans in his constituency. He simply believes its immoral to not allow Cuban Americans the right to see their own flesh and blood!! Regardless of what Habana does or does not.

Family comes before politics MIAMI! why can't you get it? Oh, that's right, b/c you lost all contact with the island, have no more relatives in Cuba, thus you can support such an immoral law! You are hypocrites and you undermine your own efforts. Fidel has remained in power for so long b/c of the fear the Cubans have over you and the spite they also hold over you and your policies.

Ask any Cuban on the street? They will say, We don't like "the beard" but we really don't like los exilos!

Fantomas said...

those who want travel restrictions lefted like those senadores should go to straight to hell

what do you think pete

Phil Peters said...

Who, me, Fantomas?

I say lift the restrictions now, all of them. I'll go to hell with the Congressmen and you can please write and let me know how it all works out.


Fantomas said...

No phil , I am woorking with a bunch of people inside and outside of Cuba to DESTROY THE CUBAN REVOLUTION


Anonymous said...

Poor Fantomas. I'm also working not just with a bunch of people but with millions, and not to destroy the Cuban Revolution but to keep the best of it and move ahead, towards a society with more freedoms and social justice just possible in a country in command of its destiny. Cuba, my lovely little and proud island.
Fantomas, clean your soul.
Peace on you.