Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Raul the reformer?

Why would I conclude that the economic talk in Cuba today will lead to action? My explanation here.


Anonymous said...

Nice analysis. Well thought out and I think accurate.

One comment:

Bush and his sucessor will be waiting for a lot longer if they continue to insist on democracy "on their terms". cuba is not the 51st state; I thought we were not a nation that likes "nation building". God knows what Iraq is proving. said...


That was a great analysis. You have a great understanding of Raul's past and current policies but your thoughts on his future depend on his ability to remain in power after the announcement of Fidel's death.

I just think that there will be overwhelming internal and external pressures on Raul that I am not sure he, nor any man, could withstand.

Great job summarizing the situation.