Friday, September 21, 2007

"Weak and corrupt"

Radio Marti landed an “exclusive interview” with Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez who said that “Raul Castro’s government is weak and corrupt and will not be able to maintain itself in power.” A few details of the interview are in this story; Radio Marti provides no audio link. It would be interesting to hear the interview to see if he explained what he observes in the 14 months of Fidel Castro’s absence that leads to his assessment that the government is “weak.”


Anonymous said...

Interesting question. I doubt Carlos gives much "empirical" evidence of why he thinks its weak, or even operationalize (i.e., define) what "weak" means when we see it.

I find Carlos to be very very unimpressive. He speaks in platitudes and wishes. He is a lightweight (intellectually speaking). The other day when Carlos declared the embargo an astounding success, he said,

"". ... It doesn't make a bit of difference for the people of Cuba."

Source: reuters

This ignorant statement by Carlos implies that it is ONLY the Gov. of Cuba that care and lose out b/c of the embargo NOT oridinary cubans !!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Has this Carlos ever been to Cuba over the past 30 years? Has he really talked to the people on the streets of Havana?

I bet you would find it hard to find one person that thinks the embargo "doesn't make a difference" to them.

Carlos is a lightweight (a very rich one I might add).

Anonymous said...

Hmm, about that, I want the embargo be lifted. I'm cuban, and what is killing me about that is curiosity: how would things evolve after that?