Thursday, June 19, 2008

New poll in Miami Congressional districts

A new poll covered in today’s Herald shows that in the Congressional districts represented by Reps. Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart, a nearly two-to-one majority of voters favors ending restrictions on Cuban American travel to Cuba and family remittances, and slightly narrower majorities favor ending restrictions on all Americans’ travel to Cuba.

Older voters strongly favor current policy and younger voters support these changes, the pollster says – although in the summary materials (pdf) available on the Herald’s website, there are no numbers to illustrate this generational split.

The poll was sponsored by the Foundation for Normalization of US/Cuba Relations.


Anonymous said...

Not surprising, but then again, our policies toward Cuba are not based on democratic views or what the majority of americans (or even cuban americans).

Rather the tiny inner circle of teh mafia in miami that still holds power/hostage over our us policy toward cuba.

theCardinal said...

A poll conducted by an outfit with that name is going to be easier for the hardliners to blow off.

Anonymous said...

wow, afina, how did you manage to send an email from havana?

Anonymous said...

hilarious that the diaz-balarts now want to talk about anything but cuba. this must be a good sign.
By the way, I wonder if they are the only U.S. congress members to be related to a former dictator. Probably not.