Monday, June 16, 2008

Secretary Gutierrez' amateur hour

When the Herald asked Secretary Gutierrez’ spokeswoman to explain his new allegation that Cuba “funds anti-American terrorist activities around the world” – a charge that isn’t contained in the State Department’s terrorism report – she talked about other things instead.

Maybe he just made it up.

Or maybe someone on his staff made it up for him.

At Babalu they have published a comment by a Gutierrez aide who takes issue with a recent column by Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post, where Robinson criticized U.S. policy against Cuba as ineffective. The aide, Jorge Ponce, questions Robinson’s patriotism, calling him an “advocate of anything and anyone who is or pretends to be anti-Yankee,” and saying Robinson has a “longstanding honeymoon with the Castros.”

“I don't know about Eugene, but I'm all about God Bless America,” he concludes.

What class.


Anonymous said...

Another example of this warped way of thinking that goes on not only in the extreme exile groups but in the hard right in general.

Babalu is not "anti-castro" - he is hard-right blogger. He thinks Michelle milken (facist) is wise and links up with other extremists. This illustrates in not just about freeing cuba, but rather imposing a right wing view on the world.

we need fredom from casto. I am right-leaning, but We also need freedom from the hard line right. They have gone to far. .. Regan would be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

does it really matter whether Cuba still funds anti-American terrorism around the world? The fact is that they have, and they are damned proud of it, and the ONLY reason they don't do it anymore is that they no longer have the USSR to bankroll them. It isn't that outrageous Peters...

Henry Louis Gomez said...

Eugene Robinson's views on U.S. policy toward Cuba are well documented, as are yours. Funding is a hard thing to prove. Like which companies fund pundits and their foundations to lobby congress. But there's plenty of proof that Cuba harbors terrorist fugitives from around the world including the U.S.