Friday, June 20, 2008

Odds and ends

  • Cuba’s Olympic baseball team, preparing for Beijing, hosts a weekend series with the Santa Barbara Foresters of the California Collegiate league.

  • Bring back “the Miami relatives” – Delfin Gonzalez, great-uncle of Elian, holds a press conference today to “denounce,” as the Herald puts it, two Obama advisors who were involved in the saga, one as attorney for Elian’s father, the other as Deputy Attorney General.

  • Interested in taking stock of 50 years of Cuban socialism? Queen’s University in Ontario is announcing a conference on that theme next spring, and issued a call for academic papers.


Anonymous said...

Resurrecting Elian's case now is a desperate attempt to revive those feelings in the Cuban community because they( the Republican Cuban-American politicians) have no real issues to mobilize the electorate. They probably took a look at their own internal polls and realized Obama is more popular among Cuban-Americans than they thought. So they need to bring back the Elian passions which helped galvanize many to vote for Bush. Now they long for those days because they have nothing positive to show for. And it is hard to get people enthusiastic about McCain, considering the way things are in the country today.

Anonymous said...

elian is better off ... his realtives in miami are poor gusanos.