Monday, June 23, 2008

Odds and ends

  • The State Department says the EU will be announcing “benchmarks” by which it will assess its dialogue with Cuba. AFP story here, Cuban Colada story here, with link to the State Department spokesman’s comments. And Assistant Secretary of State Tom Shannon says the United States is focused on political change in Cuba, while Europe concentrates more on economic reform.

  • On Cuban emigration: the St. Petersburg Times documents “a steady stream of young stars” from many fields leaving the island, and the Arizona Republic looks at a new Cuban community in Phoenix.


Anonymous said...

I am just as anti-castro and desire freedom in cuba as many, but

hey tom Shannon, why don't you focus on your own country and leave other soverign countries alone.

Imagine if a Latin American country demanded change in the US.

imperio maldito!

Anonymous said...


"imperio maldito"
Yes we can clearly see by your rethoric that you are a very strong anti-castro fighter and a committed democrat.
And I am the Easter bunny.