Monday, November 10, 2008

After Paloma

Category 4 Hurricane Paloma hit hard the southern coast of Las Tunas province, but soon fell apart and departed Cuba’s north coast as a tropical depression.

Sun Sentinel correspondent Ray Sanchez reported on the devastation in Santa Cruz del Sur, and his article includes AP video. (And Along the Malecon posted MSNBC videos.) AP reports that infrastructure damage was not as severe as that caused by Ike or Gustav.

Fidel Castro weighed in with one of his reflections as Paloma approached, declaring that if Washington were to make a new offer of aid, it “will be rejected.” Washington, “now more than ever,” should end its embargo, he argued.


Anonymous said...

end the embargo for the cuban people..

forget about castro, the vast majority of real cubans (living on the island) want trade with US. There is no doubt, if you are for embargo, you are AGAINST cuban people, .. just ask them.

Anonymous said...

End the embargo, yes, but its existence is no excuse for Castro to reject aid, even if it is unconditional. That is also playing politics and not caring about Cubans plight after these terrible hurricanes.

Mambi_Watch said...

The US loses nothing if it ends the embargo. It should do so, send aid, and re-align new allies to begin a new multilateral policy towards Cuba.

There's no reason for the US to be firm with its policy towards Cuba. If Fidel Castro want his psychological victory over the US, then let him enjoy his selfish game.

But, there are much more important matters throughout the Latin region that need to be attended to, namely the amelioration of its impoverished sectors.

Anonymous said...

I believe the embargo will end only when it is convenient for both Castro and the USA. They will both agree to it. The USA wants to do nothing that will create problems in Cuba. Castro will have to have time to make the adjustments, both political and psychological, for a post embargo era. In spite of all the words, I truly believe lifting the embargo is not something Castro really wants. The confrontation needs to be replaced with something else, but Castro wants to make sure better relations with the US does not lead Cubans into thinking change has come. Not the type of change many hope for. Castro will want send a message that nothing will change. Some hardline voices in the govt. like Armando Hart, have expressed concern about the probable lifting of travel restrictions and other improvements in relation. He's warned that could be very dangerous for the Castro govt. stability. But who knows. I am sure Obama will take steps in the right direction.