Monday, November 17, 2008

Odds and ends

  • Fidel Castro could return to office if he wished, says the Spanish doctor who treated him in 2006. The EFE report doesn’t say whether the doctor has seen Castro recently.

  • On the way home from the economic summit in Washington, China’s president makes a two-day visit to Havana; Reuters report here. [Update: AP reports on the agreements being signed in this visit.]

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leftside said...

If a Herald reporter can't have a full fruit salad at his Casa Particular the situation must be dear. Seriously, there is no attempt to even do any real reporting in that piece. They don't even go to the markets or talk to real people. Their evidence that building supplies are lacking - the Government is trying to prevent hoarding (what new?). That's the best they give us.

And a half a million houses destroyed on the island since August? Where the hell did they get that statistic? That would be like the US losing 18 million housing units in 3 months. If that is anywhere near true, the hit in that sector is beyond immense.