Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Feds charge Felipe Sixto

The Justice Department has charged ex-White House aide Felipe Sixto with theft of federal funds, according to an “Information” (document here, pdf) filed by prosecutors in U.S. District Court. The “Information” contains little information except that his spree lasted about three years, during which Sixto “embezzled, stole, obtained by fraud, and intentionally misapplied property” while working at the Center for a Free Cuba.

Yesterday’s GAO report (see below) noted that Sixto made money by ordering radios at inflated prices from “companies that he controlled,” then “pocketing the difference.”

I looked up the statute he violated, and it appears he could face a fine, jail time up to ten years, or both.

AP coverage here. My post from last March here.

Presumably, this sad chapter will end with announcement of a plea agreement.

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Anonymous said...

Granma Miente ...no son 500k son 5000

El hombre de 29 años habría vendido radios de onda corta a precios inflados, valiéndose de empresas que él controlaba, entre el 31 de marzo del 2005 y el 14 de enero del 2008. Una pesquisa del Departamento de Justicia y la Oficina de Fiscalización General (GAO), la rama investigadora del Congreso, halló que Sixto obtuvo más de medio millón de dólares bajo la sombrilla de estas actividades al margen de la ley.