Wednesday, November 19, 2008

China delivers new aid, credit, debt relief

It was a “fraternal meeting” between Chinese premier Hu Jintao and Fidel Castro, according to Granma. “Your thoughts and experience will surely guide the Cuban people to continue their march on the road of socialist construction,” Hu was quoted as saying to Fidel, according to Reuters.

In addition to cooperation agreements already signed, the visit brought concrete benefits: an $8 million donation of aid, a $70 million credit for hospital repair and reconstruction, an agreement for a five-year deferment of payment for credits extended in 1998, and an agreement to defer until 2018 payment for trade credits extended in 1994-1995.

[Granma photo.]


Anonymous said...

USA shut out of any influence due to stupidity of old hard line. Great!

Anonymous said...

yeah, right...first the Russians, now the Chinese....there's only one country that matters to Cuba's future: the U.S. Always has been and always will be.

Anonymous said...

Obama has announced special money for lower and middle class citizens.

Grants, Loans, and Cash Assistance for Lower and Middle Class

Anonymous said...

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