Thursday, April 2, 2009

Odds and ends

  • Senator Lugar writes President Obama to urge two diplomatic steps: naming of an official to conduct talks with Cuba, and dropping U.S. opposition to OAS discussion of Cuba’s return to full OAS membership. The OAS Secretary General says (once again) that a way should be found to bring Cuba back into the OAS.

  • The organizers of the art festival where artist Tania Bruguera’s open mike/free speech exhibit turned into, well, free speech, were not amused. Their statement is here; Reuters coverage here; New York Times coverage of the festival itself is here.

  • Add this to the “Cuba summit” list: the Trinidadian Ambassador to Washington tells the Herald that Cuba will be discussed at the Summit of the Americas because it’s “on everybody’s mind. “Latins are very much in favor of admitting Cuba to the hemispheric organizations. I think there is a lot of sympathy and support,” she said.

  • Former President Bill Clinton was asked about Cuba policy at a conference in Colombia. Notimex reports that he noted that President Obama is reviewing the policy and “we have to trust in him and see what he has to say.” He talked about Cuba policy during his Administration and how Congress took away his flexibility with the Helms-Burton law – as if he didn’t sign it.


Anonymous said...

Good point re: Clinton.

Anonymous said...

lugar is spot on. smart man.

Anonymous said...

Lugar is senile and the staffer writing his talking points is a liberal Democrat.

Anonymous said...

another piece of the puzzle to end the insanity against cuba

Anonymous said...

anon 11.18. Dude, how folish. There may be good reasons to not agree with lugar, but why your whining , childish comment disparaging a good member of congress.

I mean look at how they even treat one of their own Lugar, when he has different opinion... they call him senile (even though he spouts the views of most prodemocracy groups in cuba0.

so anony 1118, I guess , by defintion, most real cubans and pro democracy dissident are 'senile' too , right? b.c they have been saying what lugar is saying for years,.. oh yea, you probably don't speak spanish nor talk to other outside your right wing calle ocho circle, (or read) so you wouuldn 't know.

Henry Louis Gomez said...

My heart is really bleeding about the Sun-Sentinel thing. Their reporting was so accurate. They depicted the suffering of the Cuban people at the hands of the dictatorship so well.