Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reactions to Obama's travel measures

  • Fidel Castro writes that just before the White House press conference, the Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Tom Shannon, called in the chief of Cuba’s Interests Section in Washington, Ambassador Jorge Bolanos, to talk about the Administration’s new measures. “Nothing that was discussed was different than that which was explained on CNN,” Fidel wrote. Excerpts are translated at Cuban Colada.

  • Rep. Bill Delahunt applauds the Administration’s measures and says they “reduce the need for wasteful efforts like the plane that circles around Cuba to broadcast TV Marti.”


Anonymous said...

A just and moral act by OB. Now I hear all of those old folks in Miami (with NO family left in cuba) whine about us seeing our families and sending them money (our god given right). A great many of us didn't come as refugees and if we did no matter, we have inherent right to see family ...i don't care what regime is in power, I don't care how I got to EEUU.. mi padre es mi padre.

The babaluisans, the ones who haven't been to cuba, don't really know cuba, and barely habla espanol, should shut up. Aren't these the same ones crying every day about government intervention, and now, they still want gov. to intervene in family life.

Anonymous said...

like someone earlier put it - woo-hoo.

it's a score for the cuban family any way you slice it.

i wouldn't be so hard on the babalooers. it's fear that drives people to want to keep things at the status quo - fear that any change might lengthen the dictatorship. i can understand that - don't agree but - I can understand.

and hey, some of them do travel to cuba regularly.

Anonymous said...

the only fear they have is that they won't be able to return victoriously to cuba and take control as they once did.

Jose said...

whoooooooooo hooooooooooooo! a victoria for cuban families in cuba and in eeuu!! :)

Karamchand said...

¿¡Victoria!?, habrá que ver, pues aun persiste el impuesto del 20% sobre las remesas por parte del gobierno cubano, además de la crisis que ha golpeado igualmente a los cubanos residentes en EEUU. Las medidas, salvo el cable de fibra óptica, para mí la única trascendente, tienen más de publicidad que de efectos o consecuencias reales. Ya desde el impuesto de la dictadura, muchos cubanos desistieron de enviar dinero a susu familiares, ahora, con la crisis, las remesas se han reducido aun más, y la tendencia evidentemente no sera a incrementarse. Sobre esto y más, escribo un post en http://cubabit.blogspot.com