Thursday, April 16, 2009

Odds and ends

  • On Bergenline Avenue, the Calle Ocho of the north (Union City and West New York, NJ), Cuban Americans were receptive to President Obama’s actions. New Jersey Senator Menendez and Rep. Sires were less so.

  • Reuters on Cuba’s trade balance: It’s in deficit, it’s big, and getting worse.

  • Fidel Castro has written 18 “reflections” so far this month. Have they thought about setting up a blog for him?


Anonymous said...

Menendez is offensive to my family and to me as cuban. This dude has never been to cuba, yet wants to keep me from visiting my mother and sending money, as I so choose as free adult.

two wrongs don't make it right. get a life NJ

alongthemalecon said...

A blog makes great sense.

Anonymous said...

US$11 billion trade deficit!!! Holy crap! No wonder they are listening to Jeffrey Sachs. By the way the accumulated debt must not include the debt to the former Soviet Union which amounted to over $30 billion back in the 90s. I would strongly suggest that those voices in this blog that are so adamant about lifiting the embargo start a trust fund to start collecting moneys to pay Cuba's trade deficit. It's time to put the money where the mouth is! As the saying goes money talks, b***s*** walks!

Today's reflection was meant for internal Cuban consumption. CDI and Bruce Blair are not as representative of the US foreign/military policy apparatus as Mr.Castro makes it out to be but FC must convey to the Cuban audience that he is talking the top guys: first the Congressional Black Caucus, then CDI sponsored groups. Who will be next? Any guesses? If Havana wants to talk, a simple letter from FC to Pres.Obama asking for interlocutors will suffice. The letter could be delivered by the head of CUBINT to Secretary Clinton's office. (I keep insisting that the fellow doesn't want normal relations with the US. Never did, never will!)

I would also contend that the reflections are part of Fidel Castro's medical treatment. The last time he kept quiet for fifteen minutes due to advancing age he busted a gut as his usual work product had to find a way to escape.

Not rabid just sardonic!

Vecino de NF

Anonymous said...

and if the embargo wasn't in place the cubans could work towards reducing the deficit. economics 101 you know. the whole world's in deficit, look at the mess the US is in. cuba's economy as shown in story taken a big hit with price of silver, hurricanes etc. its in a big mess and needs help. but then so does the US economy, which has tanked due to greedy bankers.
do you think lifting the embargo will worsen the embargo? or are you just genuinely pleased for cuba's economic problems, in some way twisting this as justifying your opinions of the government. if that's so, then you must want even bigger changes for the predatory capitalism the US applies that has caused this worldwide recession.
just saying

Anonymous said...

The only difference between capitalism and socialism is that in capitalism man exploits man and that in socialism is the other way around.

La única diferencia entre el capitalismo y el socialismo es que en el capitalismo el hombre explota al hombre mientras que en el socialismo se revierte esa relación.

I guess no offers yet on paying down Cuba's trade deficit. C'mon, let's show some solidarity!

Hasta la victoria siempre!

Vecino de NF

Anonymous said...

By the way the wires are carrying stories saying that both President Obama, and Secretary Clinton are "waiting for Cuba's next move". This might indicate an end to the rapprochment of both sides as they both realize that the best world for both is a continuation of the status quo: continuation of strict control of the Cuban population (including migration) by the Cuban government, and an aloof and arrogant USA that should be opposed to defend Cuban sovereignty. The Cuban government will respond to the US statements saying that Cuba already made the next move 50 years ago!

Well, things appear interesting for awhile but alas it was not to be!

Vecino de NF

Anonymous said...

Well... so far this is just a tiny movement with more symbolic value than anything else. The ball is still in the american side, the only response I expect from cuba is about the changes in the telecommunication stuff, but they still don't have an internal infrastructure needed for a measly DSL access... darn, even the modems can have a hard time getting 50kbaud/s.

In a side note, propaganda is really a good thing as long as you don't end believing the crap yourself. The comment of Obama regarding religious right is BS, and for the other stuff... well, lets say that is a matter of interpretation.


Anonymous said...

And now President Lugo of Paraguay has piped in, furious that the arrogant yanquis DARE to criticize the democratic nations of Latin America, such as Cuba. The next thing you know, those arrogant imperialists will claim that General Stroessner was not a democrat either! I tell ya, it makes my blood boil to hear such blasphemy from el imperio and its new "democratcially elected" leader. In Cuba, they know what *real* democracy is! Right, Lefty?

Anonymous said...

cuba does not have democracy in your western centric point of view. they have a democracy under their terms. right, righty? and how dare any Latin American country criticize anything the USA does. we all know how good and pure the US has been to cuba and latin america. he he he, you're funny mr simpson