Monday, April 13, 2009

The Posada indictment

Along the Malecon has a good summary and discussion of the Posada case, including a timeline of the current case and a link to the new indictment.

As has been reported, the April 8 indictment includes new charges that Posada committed perjury about past terrorist activites. That earned him a charge (Count 3) of impeding a federal investigation involving international terrorism. Two other counts tell you that the government is prepared to show that Posada “had been involved in soliciting other individuals to carry out” the 1997 bombings in Cuba (Count 1), and that he “had arranged to send and sent an individual named Raul Cruz Leon to Cuba to transport and carry explosives into Cuba to carry out said bombings in 1997” (Count 2).

Meanwhile, Mambi Watch reports on a Miami Spanish-language tv station’s poll on the case.


Anonymous said...

maybe now there will be justice.
posada still has too many skeletons in his closet and i just don't see the US govt allowing him the chance to spill what he knows.
but this indictment and the background to it is important.
hopefully we'll get some reaction from the right wingers and see how they spin this
and one thing i've always been interested in; this terrorist war against cuba, cost the lives of thousands; how was the cuban govt suppose to react? were they suppose to invade florida to end the atacks or punish those responsible (per se US and Afghan) how were they suppose to protect the people, which were the victims of these terrorist attacks?

Anonymous said...

great, anon, with that pitch you'll go real far in the be-nice-to-castro movement -- TERRORIST WAR! THOUSANDS KILLED! WOMEN AND CHILDREN SLAUGHTERED IN THE STREETS!

You forgot to throw in the bacteriological war waged on Cuba pigs and the seeding of rainclouds to cause floods...

Time to take off your tinfoil hat you fop. The yanquis aren't coming....

Anonymous said...

nice reply, very rational and well thought out. i wasn't shouting i was making a comment. dont be so rabid.
now, if you knew anything about it you'd understand there has been a biological war against cuba. dengue 2 was introduced, and so was swine flu. international experts have confirmed this, and for crips sake then even got the Cuban-American who did it.
but i suppose the Cubana airlines bombing was a technical malfunction, that Boca de Sama was a figment of everyones imagination, that the teachers hung themselves, that the hotel bombings were tourists complaining about the food.
thousands have died in terrorist attacks, you ignorance and dismissal is typical of those who just don't want to accept it. are you saying posada, bosch et al were freedom fighters. or do you even admit they were involved in terrorist activites. come on, it's not a trick question. but i am impressed that you can even speak with your head so far up your culo