Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Odds and ends

  • Livan Hernandez helps the Nats beat the Braves with a 61-mph fastball, a double, and a jonron.

  • Cuban economist Pavel Vidal on Radio Rebelde: “There has to be a commitment that this is a structural change that the economy is undertaking, that is to say it’s not tied to the moment, we’re not doing it for reasons tied to the moment, rather we accept that the Cuban economic model needs this non-state sector.” (H/t Penultimos Dias.)

  • In yesterday’s Granma, a handy quote from Fidel in 1971 about the “battle for the correct use of human resources.”

  • Yoani Sanchez writes about her neighbor Humberto who runs a private restaurant. (In English at Huffington Post.) She describes trabajo por cuenta propia as a “denigrated, but successful, creature.”

  • At Diario de Cuba, writer Miguel Suarez looks ahead to Cardinal Ortega reaching retirement age in October of next year.

  • AP’s Will Weissert talks to some Cubans already in business for themselves.

  • In this post, Ted Henken provides links to several of his papers on Cuba’s entrepreneurs.

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El Yuma said...

Nice news round up.

By the way, it's Michel Suarez, not Miguel Suarez who reports for Diario de Cuba.

EL Yuma