Thursday, September 23, 2010

Odds and ends

  • The Spanish and Cuban foreign ministers met in New York, and El Pais cites Spainish government sources saying that Cuba will release from jail those political prisoners who have turned down the offer to move to Spain with their families. They will be freed within a month on licencia extrapenal, a sort of parole that is given to prisoners permitted, for health or other reasons, to serve out their sentences out of jail.

  • ESPN Deportes reports a rumor that Cuba is “studying seriously the possibility of approving a regulation that would give its ballplayers the status of free agents to sign with professional clubs, in the United States or other countries, after eight years of service in the local league.” They would pay 40 percent income tax.

  • El Pais: The United Stages in joining Spain in supporting a Cuban initiative to rebuild the main hospital in Port-au-Prince.

  • BBC: Brazil is offering to help Cuba develop a small business sector; the offer was carried by the foreign minister in a visit to Havana.

  • I wish I had flagged this magnificent documentary about the late Cuban bassist and composer Cachao before it aired on public television last weekend. The link takes you to previews and to the entire program. Actor Andy Garcia produced the documentary, which also highlights his friendship and assistance to Cachao in the final stages of his long career.

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