Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Odds and ends

  • CNN: The Havana archdiocese announces the release of three more political prisoners who will go to Spain, bringing the total to 39.

  • Some telling numbers: 21 of the political prisoners released by Cuba are seeking to come to the United States from Spain, accompanied by 120 relatives who left Cuba with them. Cuban Colada coverage here.

  • In the Sun-Sentinel, Carlos Saladrigas of the Cuba Study Group argues that an opening in U.S. policy, in this case an end to travel restrictions, will foster positive change in Cuba.

  • Europapress: Tourist visits up slightly in first eight months of 2010.

  • A press release from the Indian company Biocon announcing an expanded research and commercial partnership with Cuba’s Center for Molecular Immunology.

  • AP: Cuba hikes gas prices 10 percent.


Ernesto said...

It is not a 10 percent. 10 percent increase only in diesel. The special gas up to 18 percent (from 1,10 CUC to 1,40 CUC/liter. Regular gas: from 1 CUC to 1,15 CUC/lt (15 percent).

Anonymous said...

You must mean "who will be deported to Spain" instead of "who will go to Spain" as you posted, don't you?
Because the ones who refuse to go to Spain, so far have not been released.