Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Suggestions for Obama

Cuba’s foreign ministry last week released its annual report on the U.S. embargo in preparation for the UN General Assembly debate this year.

This chapter discusses the “continuity” in President Obama’s policies and offers a list of steps that President Obama could take on his own, without Congressional action, to ease sanctions. AP story here.

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bjmac said...

Phil, I'm certain you have a tremendous respect amongst Cuban
Expatriates. I have known many and
they are truly the best folks I have ever met. I differ greatly as to how to reconcile but one thing I have noticed is they rarely criticize you. It's the respect that is so deserving. May I offer one ray of hope here. I lived in Hawaii and saw how a beautiful Island was
destroyed. Cuba has the potential to be the most beautiful place in the world. Let's pray that there is reconciliation with Cuban's living in the USA and those on the "Island!" Even if you don't believe, let's at least give it a try and say a short prayer. We are close to peace and a great people unified again. Great info Phil and continue to keep it balanced.