Sunday, March 6, 2011

Decision awaited in Gross trial

Despite some initial reports, the Alan Gross trial did not conclude and no verdict was rendered Saturday night.

All that happened is that the arguments ended after two days, and the trial moved to the deliberation phase.

“Concluso para sentencia” is the phrase Prensa Latina used to describe the status. Which is a little confusing, because we use the word “sentence” to mean punishment, while the sentencia in Cuba’s system is the court’s decision that says which charges are proved (or not) and what punishment attaches. That decision, the article says, should be rendered in “the coming days.”

The trial was closed to press coverage. Prensa Latina reports that Mr. Gross made a statement and responded to questions from prosecution and defense attorneys and from the judges. He “recognized that he was used and tricked” by DAI, the USAID contractor for whom he worked. DAI “put him in danger” and “ruined the life and economy of his family,” the article says.

The Herald cites a statement issued from Havana after the first day of the trial by Peter Kahn, an attorney representing Mr. Gross. “Alan and his Cuban counsel presented a vigorous defense today,” he said, and “we respectfully urge the Cuban authorities to free Alan immediately for time served.”

Cuban media has more to say about all this. On Monday night, the program Razones de Cuba will present “declassified information about the subversive plans of the United States against the island” (see Cuban Colada). Penultimos Dias links to this short promo spot.

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leftside said...

I did not realize Gross' defense lawyer was Nuris Piner, "a Cuban who represented the families of five Cubans imprisoned in the United States for the past 12 years on espionage charges."

Everything is pointing to a mea culpa and release.