Friday, March 18, 2011

The democracy-industrial complex

A few items floating around out there:
  • An interesting essay (pdf) on the political opposition in Cuba by Javier Utset, from 2008.
  • Tracey Eaton’s work-in-progress compilation of USAID grants from 2007 through last year, including $4 million to Loyola University in Chicago and $9 million to Creative Associates, with a “travel liability clause” added to its contract in 2009.
  • An April summit of “elite movement leaders” in Panama, invitation only, to advance the “positive development of Cuba and our world.” Participants have to be “supportive of the development of democratic process in Cuba” but “unaffiliated with an organization doing work with, in, or for Cuba.” Apply here and if you’re accepted, they’ll fly you to Panama. The organizer is a marketing firm based in Panama whose website is under construction and whose CEO is here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

awful.. Neo-imperalist policy. Sure, its not the old-school spanish/britsh type.. nonetheless, the democracy-indutrial complex is a manifestation, in my view, of a subconcious imperialist mind-set in usa.

so sorry, can I move to canada, now?