Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Odds and ends

  • Reuters: Cuban state television reports that Raul Castro “advised to adjust the timeline” of the 500,000 layoffs from government and state enterprises.

  • Today’s Granma has an interview with Moises Rodriguez, agent “Vladimir,” one of two state security agents who worked undercover among dissidents and whose identities were revealed in the television documentary last Friday.

  • Now that spring training is under way…the Post’s Tom Boswell profiles Washington Nationals’ opening-day starter Livan Hernandez, a baseball blog muses about the upcoming season of Yunesky Maya, the Nats’ newest arm, and USA Today looks ahead to Aroldis Chapman’s rookie year with the Reds.

  • Our friend Mauricio, responding to the “critics,” clarifies that 300,000 Cuban Americans are not traveling to Cuba each year – it’s 100,000 who go several times a year. Got it?


Anonymous said...

and the proof Mauricio offers to substantiate his opinion? well of course when it comes to cuba, the anti-revolutionary side don't need no stinking facts. just keep hurting the cuban people.

Anonymous said...

Mauricio says ".. the 100,000 Cubans in Miami traveling to the island multiple times a year do not have the right to finance the repression of the Castro regime against 11,500,000 Cuban"

what a load of bunk. What about the many more 100,000s of Canadians, italians, and english? who by the way have more money to spend while in cuba than most of the MIami folk going back to see their family (and mainly spend in big hotels, rather than microentrprises)...

wow, mauricio is heartless, wants to keep us from our families! All the while conflating our travel there with repression???!??!

I guess, from that logic, when you buy gas you are funding 'terrorists' and/or chavez.