Thursday, April 21, 2011

Obama's travel initiative takes effect

The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control issued new guidelines for Cuba travel licensing (pdf) today.

The guidelines show all the categories of non-tourist travel that can be licensed, and they provide examples of the kind of activities that meet and do not meet licensing criteria. As a result of their publication, the President’s new travel policies announced last January now go into effect.

“People-to-people” travel programs are restored by these regulations after being ended in 2004 by the Bush Administration; Treasury refers to these as “educational exchanges not involving academic study pursuant to a degree program.”

Herald story here.

(Photo of the Havana airport terminal that handles Miami flights during its renovation last fall.)

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Anonymous said...

Ok so here's my question. I'm a non-Cuban US citizen married to a Cuban. Am I allowed to visit my in-laws? Are they considered "Close relatives"?

"visiting “close relatives” who are nationals of Cuba or visiting “close relatives” who are
U.S. Government employees assigned to the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, Cuba (See
Section I below);"