Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Economic reform blueprint is on-line

The final version of the Communist Party’s “Lineamientos,” the policy guidelines for economic reform, is now available here (pdf) in a 48-page publication.

The revisions, the publication explains, resulted from three stages of discussion: a discussion “by all the people” between last December and February, including in the National Assembly; provincial meetings of delegates to the national Communist Party Congress; and committee meetings at the Congress itself.

For each of the 313 policy recommendations, the publication shows in three columns the draft version, the final version, and a brief explanation of changes that were made and “the source of the proposals that originated the change.” For example, recommendation 25 (page six) was expanded to include a more detailed definition of cooperatives, a change that responded to 1,130 comments from throughout the country. A clarification that cooperatives are a “socialist form of collective property” responded to 29 opinions in nine provinces.

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