Thursday, May 26, 2011

Odds and ends

  • From November 2006, a Wikileaked cable that gives a glimpse of the annual campaign to beat the UN General Assembly resolution that condemns the U.S. embargo. This cable is brief, reporting that Uruguay would be voting “in favor of Cuba.”

  • The talk of additional golf course/real estate development continues, with a Canadian company “hoping to finalize a deal this August,” according to the Globe and Mail. Another story in the New York Times.

  • A photo of the mountains of Pinar del Rio from a cruise ship moving northeast along Cuba’s north coast, from Flickr user roger4336.

  • The Minister of Internal Commerce is out, replaced by his deputy Mary Blanca Ortega, according to a note published in Granma.

  • Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman supports the Obama Administration’s Cuba travel measures in a talk to the Cuban American National Foundation.

  • EFE: The late Orlando Zapata Tamayo’s mother and 12 relatives have visas to go to the United States with refugee status.

  • Wyoming biologists fitted osprey with satellite tracking devices to learn about their migration patterns and found that one lone male left the Rocky Mountain flyway, headed east to Florida, and went on to Cuba.

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