Friday, May 13, 2011

"I would welcome real change"

Poder360 has the text of President Obama’s response to a Cuba question in an interview with Univision:

“We haven’t seen those changes in a realistic way yet. I mean we’ve heard some talk but the bottom line is political prisoners are still there who should have been released a long time ago who never should have been arrested in the first place; political dissent is still not tolerated. The economic system there is still far too constrained. And so my hope is that Cuba starts moving into the 21st century. If you think about it, Castro came into power before I was born – he’s still there and he basically has the same system when the rest of the world has recognized that the system doesn’t work. Obviously everything we do as an administration is going to be focused on how do we deliver more prosperity and more liberty for the Cuban people. And I would welcome real change from the Cuban government but we haven’t seen them deliver on that change yet.”


Anonymous said...

Why oh why is not one journalist EVER asking Obama these 2 questions:
What's the problem with Cuba, if you obviously have no concern for lack of freedom in Saudi Arabia, to name just one example? How do you justify the double standard?

If Cuba is the only country in the Western hemisphere to still feature a dictatorship, and if it is the only country in the world to suffer a embargo since 50 years - MIGHT THERE BE LOGICAL CONNECTION?

Anonymous said...

what an absolute disgrace Obama has become in regards to Cuba. Worse than Bush, because we expected it from Bush. Obama said many times on the campaign trail that Cuban policy "was a failure" that he'd move to change things. And now this ridiculous statement. Who is it for him to decide what system Cuba has? But that's the American policy since the Revolution started -- the only intent is to destroy the Cuban government, not engage it seriously.Has Obama said the same thing against the Medieval monarchy in Saudi Arabia? Of course not. So Cuba is chaning dramatically, economically and politically, what political prisoners is he talking about? there are some in Cuba, but the Castro regime doesn't have any control over GITMO)
So no matter what Cuba does it won't matter one bit -- and it's no wonder that Cuba considers anything that comes from the White House as a complete and utter joke.
How disappointing but how typical.

Anonymous said...

The real disgrace is the Castro communist regime that has been in power for 52 years but neither of the folks who comment here would know that or care to admit it.