Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Odds and ends

  • Last week I noted a campaign called “The Streets Belong to the People” conducted by the “Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Front for Civic Resistance and Civil Disobedience.” The campaign and the Front are in Cuba, the press conference was in Miami. The Front has a website with videos – of 1994 unrest in Havana, a promotional spot, and a Biltmore Hotel press conference. Babalu translated the main document on the site. At right, the Front’s logo.

  • Penultimos Dias has an item on the Alan Gross case, translated here by Babalu, that amounts to an attack on leaders of the Cuban Jewish community. It makes no reference to any source of information. Ernesto speculates that the Gross case will be the subject of a future Razones de Cuba program.

  • Cubans are waiting for the revised version of the Lineamientos that will serve as the policy blueprint for their country’s economic reforms, AP reports. They’re not the only ones.

  • Reuters: Two Cubans “sewed their mouths partially shut and launched a hunger strike a month ago” to advance political demands including the release of USAID contractor Alan Gross. Judging from Elizardo Sanchez’ comment in the story, other dissidents are keeping their distance.

  • In Huffington Post, Brookings’ Ted Piccone’s “Foggy Forecast for Cuba-U.S. Relations.”

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