Thursday, July 21, 2011

Feds investigating Rep. Rivera

The Herald reports that a federal investigation is under way regarding Rep. Rivera, having to do with allegations that he failed to disclose income from a consulting contract related to the Flagler dog track, now known as the Magic City Casino.

There’s no mention of a grand jury.

Regardless of the legal proceedings, this is a problem:

Rivera, a former state lawmaker, was once a fundraising powerhouse — he raised a record $1 million for a state Senate race he abandoned to run for Congress — but his donations while in Washington have been modest. In the second quarter of this year, Rivera raised just $33,500 — and $10,000 of that was donated by his mother and her business partner. He reported $62,000 in cash in the bank, but almost $152,000 in campaign debts and obligations, records show.

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