Thursday, July 21, 2011

Odds and ends

  • EFE: There are now 325,947 licensed entrepreneurs. More on this growing sector here.

  • Rep. Ros-Lehtinen asks Treasury to act against “certain travel agencies” that are allegedly using licensed travel to promote tourism.

  • GenTV: The Zapata Tamayo family is not having an easy time of it in Miami.

  • Granma remembers Martha Gellhorn, a writer and third wife of Hemingway.

  • Cuba’s statistical office says the highest incomes in 2010 were earned by entrepreneurs and private farmers, respectively earning 2.28 and 1.56 times what public sector workers earn.

  • AFP: A Cuban press report says that of those who received land grants to expand agricultural production, 9,000 have had their land taken back because they failed to work it.

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