Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Odds and ends

  • The Treasury Department has issued a succinct reminder (pdf) of the procedures and restrictions involved in licensed “people-to-people” trips, a category of educational travel that was eliminated by President Bush and restored by President Obama.

  • Café Fuerte: Pablo Milanes will perform August 27 in Miami, and advertising for the show is “inundating” the city.

  • Washington Post: Cuban cartographer Juan Jose Valdes is in the middle of a labor of love, a new National Geographic map of his island.

  • Juventud Rebelde on “something that is missing this summer:” student, university student, and Pioneer work brigades. Marti’s principle about the link of work and study is not being abandoned, the article says, but there has been an “unfavorable cost-benefit ratio,” and “objective analysis” shows that “it would not be sensible or useful” to continue the brigades.

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