Monday, July 25, 2011

Odds and ends

  • “La Glee-Mania” gets a long feature in Juventud Rebelde. The Fox program airs Saturdays at 6:00 p.m. in Cuba. “More than other series of its type,” the article says, Glee “sends optimistic messages, presents values in a positive way, and prepares adolescents to understand that once the dance is over, life begins.”

  • AP: Tourism is up ten percent in the first six months of 2011: 1.537 million visitors, according to a national statistics office report.

  • Arguments were heard last Friday in Cuban appeals court in the case of USAID contractor Alan Gross. From the Herald: “The court can uphold Gross’s conviction and sentence; overturn it and set him free; or uphold it and reduce the sentence. Raúl Castro, president of the Council of State, can pardon Gross after the court rules.”

  • Prensa Latina: The education sector is headed toward personnel reductions of 15,000.

  • AP takes a colorful look at the Cuban real estate market today and the people and practices that make it work. More on this here.

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Anonymous said...

The recurso the casacion most probably was established under articulo 69 of LEY DE PROCEDIMIENTO PENAL Ley # 5 I don’t think there’s been any violation on the process of this case so I don’t think articulo 70 was used.
Under articulo 69 the Supreme Court will never change the facts that were proven , los hechos que en la sentencia se declaren probados, in the Tribunal Provincial , this is not a new trial.
The supreme court will be able to resentence the case if they find any error in the way the law was implemented in relation to those proven facts.