Monday, November 7, 2011

A visit to Alan Gross

“Alan was convicted and sentenced to a fifteen year term not so much for giving electronic equipment to some Jewish Cubans but because he was working for a company under a USAID contract, under a program designed to help undermine the Cuban government.”

That is the view of David Shneyer, the rabbi to jailed USAID contractor Alan Gross, who visited Gross and wrote a report last week to his congregation. “While his physical health is holding up, the anger and frustration [Gross] feels as a result of the deceptions and falsehoods that both sides have subjected him to is clear,” Schneyer writes. “The confinement is taking a toll on him and his family.”

(H/t Center for Democracy in the Americas.)

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Anonymous said...

as close as you can come to speak honestly about the situation. bravo to the rabbi, hope it will do some good. Gross does not deserve his fate, it does no good to have him stay in jail. but then again, same can be said for Four Cubans in US jail