Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Odds and ends

·         AP’s Andrea Rodriguez takes a good look at Cuba’s demographic crunch and the urgency it gives to the economic reforms.  At the end, an interesting speculation that a future Cuba could be a destination country for immigrants, which would help the worker-to-dependent ratio.

·         At Havana Times, Samuel Farber writes a critical review (in English and Spanish) of my Viewer’s Guide to Cuba’s Economic Reform (pdf), followed by some reader comments. 

·         In Commonweal, Tom Quigley looks back at Pope Benedict’s visit to Cuba.

·         EFE: Venezuelan opposition candidate Henrique Capriles criticizes Venezuela’s “gift” of oil to Cuba and other countries, differentiating the aid from the payment for medical and other services rendered.

·         Granma covers Vietnam’s decision to reduce its state sector to a set of essential functions, to have about half the economy in enterprises with majority state ownership and significant foreign ownership, and the rest in a private sector providing goods and services.

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brianmack said...

I read Havana Times often and find it
quite good. It rates number two over
yours but I enjoy it immensely. I commented via a message regarding your very informative writing on Entrepreneurs in Cuba. In essence,
Cuba isn't exactly an open society and to get any data, any at all, is an
accomplishment. The Havana Triangle and the Havana Times blogs are "gifts" for people like me who want to get some insight as to what's going on in a closed society.