Monday, August 13, 2012

Odds and ends

·         From Nick Miroff in Global Post: “Paya’s widow, Ofelia Acevedo, says Modig has not called the family to tell them his version of the accident, or to address their suspicions that the Castro government was involved.” 

·         This video has the August 1 statements of Acevedo and Paya’s daughter on the accident that claimed the lives of Paya and Harold Cepero.  An August 11 op-ed by Acevedo in El Mundo is here.

·         Amnesty International calls on Cuba to stop its “cat-and-mouse” harassment of political opponents.  Amnesty’s latest report on Cuba here.

·         Juventud Rebelde: More than 2,000 fines have been issued and more tan 40 licenses revoked from Cuban entrepreneurs for health code violations in food establishments.

·         The Herald reports on the Miami-Havana shipping business for humanitarian deliveries.

·         Macleans on the anti-corruption campaign and foreign investment in Cuba.

·         El Universal: Venezuela’s opposition candidate, pushing back at Chavez, says he will not end the presence of Cuban doctors in Venezuela, and “if we need them we will continue paying Cuba.” 

·         As Cuba works on its own economic model, its state media continue to highlight progress in Vietnam: increased foreign investment and 734,000 jobs created this year.

·         BBC:  Playlists haven’t changed yet, but Havana radio stations have been told they can ditch a blacklist of musicians.

1 comment:

Antonio said...

Great roundup. A few thoughts...

On the anti-corruption campaign, someone speculated on a different site that the investigations are centered around companies that the Cuba owes money, and prosecutions are a way of avoiding payment.

Interesting but disturbing take if true?

On the music, I would bet we will not be hearing Willy Chirino's "El Diablo llego a la Habana" on Cuban airwaves. That song always makes me laugh.